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Less than 2 miles from the Comfort Suites Lombard!

Metra is the Chicago based train system that connects Chicago's surrounding areas to the city. The Metra train system operates 241 stations on 11 lines.  During the 21st century, it is consistently the fourth busiest train system in the nation.  Metra gave 81.3 million passengers a ride in 2012.  

Ever since the 19th century, Chicago has the largest transportation hub for rail service in North America.  Between the 1930's and the mid 1970's, the commuter train lines were losing money and using old equipment as far back as the 1920's.  In 1974, the Regional Transit Authority was formed to keep the Chicago train systems ongoing.  In 1984, the Commuter Rail Service Board was formed to deal with the enlarging responsibilities of the Regional Transit Authority.  It was renamed Metra in 1985.  

You can view a map of the Metra systems and the schedules of each line by visiting the Map and Schedule tab of Metra's website.  You can purchase tickets by clicking here.  You can purchase one-way tickets and two-way tickets on or off the train.  Tickets purchased on the train will cost $3.00 extra if a ticket agent was present at the station.  You can purchase a 10-ride ticket.  10-ride tickets can be purchased from ticket agents, by mail, or online from Metra's website.  Weekend ride tickets are available as well.  Weekend ride tickets are unlimited rides on Saturdays and Sundays for $7.00. You can purchase monthly passes as well.  Metra offers reduced fare programs that allow individuals to ride for free or at a discount offered to pre-college students, young adults, persons with disabilities, seniors, and members of the military.  

The Lombard Metra stop at 20 S Main st. is less than 2 miles away from the Comfort Suites Lombard - Addison Hotel in Lombard, IL and is the perfect way to get around Chicagoland!

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