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Addison Ice Arena

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Located 7 miles from the Comfort Suites Lombard - Addison!

Located in Wheaton, IL, Cosley Zoo is a member of the Association of Zoo's an Aquariums, AZA,  a comission of experts that ceritify a zoo or aquarium as having met a level high standards.  In 1973, a close relative of Harvey Cosley donated over 2.5 acres of land to the the Wheaton Park District.  In 1974, the zoo opened as Cosley's Park and Musuem.  Over the next two years, the park progessively showed more farm animals, more native wildlife, and subsequently changed it's name to Cosley Animal Farm and Musuem.  

In 1976, money from the federal goverment made it possible to expand the zoo by two full acres.  In 1982, the park built an aviary to hold various types of birds.  From the early 80's to the late 90's, the zoo underwent many changes - new facilities, more animal life, and better habitats were introduced.  In 1999, the zoo officially changed its name to Cosley Zoo, as the general public no longer saw it as a farm and musuem.  The zoo aims to develop the understanding of how animals, humans, and the enviroment are all related.  Cosley has made a commitment to conservation as well.  Using recycling, composting food, and using repuropsing materials, the zoo participates in enviromentally friendly practices.  

Cosley Zoo is part of the Wheaton Park District and was built over five acres of land that includes a historic train station.  The zoo features 20 exihibits, 150 animals, and over 60 different types of species.  For a information on the animals, please visit the corresponding species section of their website.  

Getting involved with the zoo is easy - you can adopt an animal, make a donation, volunteer, or sponsor an event.  You can rent various parts of the zoo as well for any kind of special event.  The zoo offers membership plans as well.  The zoo has a concession stand, picnic area, and a gift shop.  To say in touch with the latest news, you can join the zoo's online newsletter called Cosley Tails.  

The zoo is open dail all year round and closed on only a few holidays.  Wheaton Park District Residents can visit the zoo for free with a Wheaton Park District Universal Resident ID.  Members of the zoo have free admission as well.  Adults ages 18-54 can visit the zoo for $5.00 and Adults ages 55 and over can visit the zoo for $4.00.  All children 17 and under can visit the zoo for free as well!  

The Comfort Suites of Lombard - Addison Hotel is located only about 7 miles from the Cosley Zoo in Wheaton, IL.  Our suites are perfect for you and your family to stay at while visiting the zoo!

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