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The United Center

The United Center, located in Chicago, IL, is an indoor arena most famous for hosting the Chicago Bulls and Chicago Blackhawks.  

Plans to create the United Center were made by Bulls owner Jerry Reisndof and Blackhawks owner Bill Wirtz.  Soon after, the United Center replaced the Chicago Stadium in 1994, after the original arena was destroyed and the new arena was built for an estimated contruction cost of $175 million.  

The arena is 960,000 square feet and 300 feet tall - the largest arena in United States in terms of physical size but not patron capacity. The United Center has a total of 19,717 seats.  Througout the year, the United Center holds over 200 sporting, family, television, political, and various events.  Since it's opening, the United Center has accomodated over 40 millions visitors.  

The arena's primary sponsor is United Airlines. United Airlines pasy about $1.8 million a year to hold it's naming rights for the the arena.  To view upcoming events at the United Center click here.  For box office information please click here

The Comfort Suites of Lombard - Addison Hotel is located less than 25 miles from the United Center and a great place to visit while staying at the hotel!

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