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  • Sonny Acres Farm, West Chicago, IL

Sonny Acres Farm

Different produce and entertainment each season.

Started in 1883, by German Immigrants Ferdninand and Anna Nagel, the Sonny Acres Farm was originally called the Oakwood Farm.  Located in West Chicago, IL the farm was initially a homestead, the first farm house wasn't built until 1895.  In 1951, the farm started to commercial its produce and started selling it on a local roadside farm stand.  Today, the farm is primarly known as a pumpkin farm.  With different harvest according to the season, the farm specializes in different produce each season and has the entertainment to reflect its variations.  To view each season's specifiality click on the following links: summer, fall, winter, and spring.

The Comfort Suites of Lombard - Addison Hotel is located less than 9 miles from the Sonny Acres Farm and the perfect place to stay while visiting the farm!

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